Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Should The Chiefs Go Big D?

Ok, the glaring need to fix the offensive line is too big to ignore. I get that. The Chiefs complete corrosion of their big men has made the team into a perrinial joke. But is it really going to lead to the teams future?

It's very easy to grab up a premiere O-lineman; Jake Long of Michigan being the obvious choice. This draft class is so rich of guards and tackles, and surely the chiefs can use their enormous cap room on a proven, ready-to-go left tackle in free agency; they better because their move to franchise Jarred and save their already huge cap room will make no sense otherwise.

Has it been so long that we Chiefs fans have forgotten what makes this team exciting? Did Dick Vermiel's circus freaks corrupt us that much? What made us contenders? It certainly wasn't our high flying offense. We need to get back to the days of Derrick Thomas, Niel Smith, and Saleamua. We need to have a feared Deron Cherry, Dale Carter, Kevin Ross and James Hasty. This is what makes the Chiefs great: a feared defense.

Yea, We've made great strides to build a respectable defense. The D was great, but the team's losing ways became an infectious disease that clapsed the team. But if we can add some serious man power to our D, wouldn't that offset a mediocre O? How can we pass up a space eater like Sedric Ellis or -God forbid, if he's available- Glen Dorsey. I've seen some draft projections that Aquib Talib slips to the second round. And even after all that there's a good chance some highly rated offensive lineman are available.

Look, I understand the need for us to fix our offense, and that begins with our offensive line. just believe we are making the wrong move by trying to make our offense great again. Make our offense acceptable. Make our defense feared and dominant, and that will present opportunity for the Chiefs to once again dominate the AFC West.


Xan said...

Son, I didn't understand a word you just said. But I voted. :)

CHRIS said...

Were not trying to make the offense "great" just damn serviceable. To win in football you need to win the line of scrimmage on both sides. The Chefs wont win anything unless they fix the holes at O Line. I agree, and this latest SB is a testament, that defense wins championships, but unless were the 2000 Ravens, there is no way we win without fixing the O-Hole. (I think im going to trademark that the "o-hole")