Thursday, September 18, 2008

Enjoy the 16 game Preseason

Last Sunday Chiefs fans –if there are any left by the looks of the home opener. For shame! But that’s another column- were treated to what one might confuse as a hundred monkeys in a hundred football uniforms. It was hard to understand exactly what was going on. Why did Damon Huard get pulled? Injury to his head? Shoulders? Knees? Toes? Knees? Toes? Or wha-happened to LJ after the third quarter? Or who was that short black dude under center at seemingly random intervals?
We are being laid witness to the mysticism of the Great Herm Edwards Experiment. He did not have an opportunity to do this with the Jets because Purcells left behind a solid foundation, but it is what he feels is his destiny; to build a team from the ground up. Not simply developing a quarterback, or revitalizing a defense, or finding a kicker, or rebuilding the o-line. No, this is doing it all; blowing up the whole goddamn thing and starting over. It doesn’t matter if it works or doesn't work, everything is treated equal in Herm’s eyes: out with the old, in with the young.
Fair enough, but among the many drawbacks, one GLARING is that you don’t know what works…so you try different things, which results in the Pop Warner marathon we witnessed on Sunday. You run what’s-his-name and you line up whozits under center. You make a walk-on the captain of the defense. You take your career long left tackle, make him the right tackle, draft a guard and put him at left tackle. You set your QB depth chart with two characters destined for practice squads with other teams.
Well, I for one am not going to fight the wackiness any more, but embrace it. I will back Herm’s choice to start Thigpen until Brodie returns, then start him again when Brodie gets hurt three plays later. I am going to support Herm’s decision to systematically pull any player over the ripe age of 26 to infuse his college squad. It is clear now we are not playing for 2008. This is a 19 game preseason for the Chiefs and, like when the Chiefs pummled the Rams’ third team, they are rearin to lose ugly.
Alright, I can handle playing for the future. It sure beats the hell out of playing for this present team. But if that’s the case the Chiefs organization needs to pull the trigger on a few things.
1) Trade Larry Johnson. The team is overflowing with Herm Edwards runningbacks. He can’t cut or pass block or stop whinning about not seeing himself in the Chiefs’ future, so let’s fullfill the prophecey. Certainly there is another blockbuster, Jarred Allen-esk trade out there that will allow the Chiefs to once again load their draft stock. At least one, if not two, first round picks. Draft picks and identifying talent are where Edwards thrives –not coaching. The Chiefs need to exploit his talent by getting him more draft picks, and Larry is the way to do it.
2) FULLY commit. Edwards was saying some garbage today about starting Huard if Thigpen doesn’t work out. I don’t want to hear that. Edwards needs to quit toying with his own plan and see it through. Doesn’t work out? Of course it’s not going to work out! He was bound for the practice squad! But you make your bed, baby, you sleep in it. If Edwards is going to grace us with this sick experiment, he better stick with it an let the kid develop into something…or nothin’.
3) Make a deal with the fans. We aren’t stupid. We see that the season has already been thrown away by Herm and his staff. We know this is just one long tryout period. So why not show us fans a little love? Make tickets for the rest of the year $5.00. This will not only begin a much needed relationship tune up between the fans and the front office, it will fill the seats and give Arrowhead –or soon the Stadium Formally Known As Arrowhead- back its home field swagger. From what I heard, openning day at The K beat last Sunday in attendance. That is really really sad. A home openner against the hated Raiders, and it looked like a Tampa baseball game. This needs to be fixed and it begins with the Chiefs front office not charging one over prime for a substandard project.

This is a period where we as Chiefs fans need to circle the wagons. Our football team stinks because of youth, not lack of talent. No experience has a big impact. This team will need another season to develop. Once this talent pool does begin to build on their field experience, look out; this might just be crazy enough to work. I am willing to give up on this season, but not this team. As long as Edwards fully commits to his plan, I am going to hop on board for no other reason than what choice do I have? Edwards is our captain. To the football gods be damned.

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NELSON said...

Edwards sucks. Fire him and Carl. Get an offensive line. You cant tell me Carl didnt know our hall of fame offensive linemen were going to retire one day. Why has that not been addressed? Everyone knows you win games in the trenches. I dont care who you have at QB (BTW ours blow), if they are only given one and a half steps to get rid of the ball they are going to suck. Trade Tony G to a good team so he can try to at least play in a playoff game. Get a proven player (OL). Trade Crybaby for a proven QB. draft the best offensive linemen you can next year with our first 5 picks.